Exhibition Area Planning

Exhibition area planning and exhibitors proposed to be invited (not limited to this scope)

Smart City Ecosphere Zone: top-level design and solutions for smart cities; solutions that systematically showcase new smart city planning, urban renewal, urban operation supervision, environmental monitoring and governance; urban emergency command center, urban security and emergency services, monitoring and alarm system, comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation system, etc.;

Exhibitors proposed to be invited: CETC, Huawei, ZTE, CEC, iSoftStone, Digital China, Microsoft, Sugon, Founder, etc.;

Communication and Information Technology Zone: data communication equipment, wireless communication technology, public utility information service platform, urban data center, 5G network technology and the latest application solutions;

Exhibitors proposed to be invited: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Cisco, Qualcomm, etc.;

Cloud Computing and Big Data Zone: Cases and technology demonstrations of cloud computing technologies and big data applications in such fields as healthcare, education, finance, and the environment;

Exhibitors proposed to be invited: Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft, Lenovo, Inspur, Oracle, Pactera, Wonders Information, ABB, Schneider, etc.;

Internet of Things Zone: display of applications and solutions in such fields as smart buildings, smart parks, smart homes, car networking, geographic information;

Exhibitors proposed to be invited: Tencent QQ Connect, Honeywell, FANTEM, PolyHome, eHualu, Hisense, Z-Wave, SuperMap Technology, Navinfo, AMAP, Qiming Information, Tianan Cyber Park, Advantech , BYD, Tesla, GreenWheel, etc.;

Mobile application and intelligent hardware zone: display of typical excellent mobile terminal application and public experience in such areas as government, medicine, education, and finance; display of technologies and products such as mobile control, information interconnection, and automation of household appliances, wearable devices, drones, robots, and traditional services with wireless communication technologies;

Exhibitors proposed to be invited: Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Haier, TCL, Samsung, iFLYTEK, 360, Kingdee, Yonyou, Siemens, Ant Financial, Tonghuashun, East Money, DJI, UBTECH, Liepin, etc.

Artificial intelligence zone: including speech recognition, speech interaction, biometrics, affective computing, gesture recognition, human body recognition, machine vision, graphic recognition, human-computer interaction, spatial recognition, 3D scanning, eye tracking, natural language interaction, etc.

Exhibitors proposed to be invited: Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, iFLYTEK, IBM, Google, Amazon, Sogou, Aispeech, Jingdong, Suning, Ant Financial, LU.com, Jingdong Finance;

Smart car zone: Focus on the display of new-generation intelligent vehicles, related technologies and accessories products such as new energy vehicles, driverless car technology, and auto cruise technology;

Exhibitors proposed to be invited: Tesla, NIO, SINGULATO, Xiaopeng Motors, Baidu, Uber, Lyft, Waymo, etc.;

Smart City Plaza (Display Zone for Smart City Achievements);

Propose to invite award-winning leading smart cities and benchmark enterprises in smart city industry to participate in the demonstration of achievements in successful smart city construction;